About Us

Seven Seas Logistics is a leading freight forwarding company, outstripping the local level and reaching out to the regional and international levels….
Our teams of highly trained freight forwarders have over 20 years experience in interstate and international sea freight and air freight, with the required knowledge and skills to meet all your shipping needs. Customer will benefit from the advantages of our world class tracking system, efficient shipping practices and strategic industry alliances, for a complete guaranteed low cost freight forwarding service.

Our services include:
- Sea Freight forwarding
- Air Freight forwarding
- Customs clearance
- Global freight logistics
- Door to Door transport services

Low Cost International Freight Forwarding
At Seven Seas, we consistently provide our customers with low cost freight forwarding services. We are able to achieve this through effective sea freight and air freight import and export as well cross trade processes. We organize your delivery internally, which means we have complete control over your shipment from its origin to its destination. This minimizes unnecessary handling of your shipment and cuts out middle margins.
Our broad knowledge of documentation requirements, transportation costs, government regulations and banking practices, means your consignment arrives at the required destination as quickly, securely, and cost efficiently as possible.

Professional, Reliable Freight forwarding You can Trust
Our team of global logistics experts and freight forwarders work closely with International Sea and Air Freight Shipping Lines to provide you with a reliable, trustworthy freight forwarding service. These partnerships allow us to develop tailored freight forwarding solutions with careful consideration of important factors such as speed of delivery and cost.
Seven Seas freight forwarding service is founded on constant analysis of international data, so that we always provide the best services and rates.

The Freight Forwarder That Always Delivers
If you are looking for a complete end-to-end freight forwarder that always deliver with utmost efficiency, we encourage you to contact us or browse our website to learn more about how Seven Seas Logistics SAL can meet all your shipping needs.